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The importance of MRV [Measuring Reporting Verification] in climate change

Under the UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol, monitoring reporting and review is fairly well developed for Annex 1 countries who have an obligation to report annually on inventories of GHG emissions. In contrast, non Annex 1 Countries report on a more irregular basis, thus the international community has currently has no official ‘snapshot’ of either global GHG emissions, or of actions being undertaken to mitigate climate change.

The Bali Action Plan refers to ‘measurable reportable and verifiable [MRV] as an important part of the international process intended to deliver concrete national actions to address climate change. MRV is required both on a macro level for GHG inventories and a micro level for programmes and projects within trading schemes.

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Serious Battery Fires case safety concerns around the world

The increasing development of new Battery technology is helping to drive both existing and renewable business models. However, numerous serious health and safety incidents have been reported around the world, that give cause for concern. The most recent incident has caused worldwide concern that has resulted in 50 Boeing Dreamliners being grounded by US regulators.

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Eco Connect Forum ‘ Making The Green Deal Work in Yorkshire’

A large audience braved the cold weather on 15th January at the offices of Walker Morris in Leeds to join an expert panel who explained how the Green Deal will work, with a particular emphasis on the approach to implementation in the Yorkshire and Humberside area. Moderated by Jeremy Barnett a Barrister from St Pauls Chambers in Leeds, the high powered panel gave an authoritative explanation of the detail of the new scheme and then joined in with a frank and at times challenging debate about the real chance of success for the local green economy.


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