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Building the Circular Economy

Welcome to my blog, 'Building the Circular Economy'. Its all about designing stuff to 'disassemble' rather than disposal and preventing uncessary use of energy. Some people call it 'cradle to cradle' manufacturing, or C2C, the aim is to encourage reuse of materials or using biodegradable ingrediants rather than landfill.

Other subjects include encouraging people to lease their stuff rather than buying it - this way materials are returned to the manufacturers who will have an incentive to design their products with an emphasis on sustainability.  Other themes include the 'reverse supply chain' preventing unnesessary movements of goods and people around the world.

 I hope you will enjoy the articles, which will look at all aspects of new innovation, Smart Cities, the expansion of Electric Vehicle use around the world, future energy storage plans to help wind and solar energy.

I hope that you find the articles interesting. Please feel free to add your comments, links to other articles and observations - the more contraversial the better! You can follow me on Linkedin [ and look at our group #GreenLeeds] and Twitter @tbarbarnett .

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SRA achieve strike off again in Escrow Account cases

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Launch of Smart Contracts Understood

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