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Cellino insider; 'blood on the carpet soon'

Cellino insider; 'blood on the carpet soon'

The Daily Mail has reported a Cellino 'insider' saying that there will be blood on the carpet soon' over the relationship between his family sports company  Eleonora Sport ´╗┐and GFH and their related investors who still own 25% of Leeds United.

The Daily Mail in an article published on 6th April, seem appalled by the decision of Tim Kerr QC to allow the appeal against the decision of the Football League that  Massimo Cellino failed the Officer and Director Test [OAD] due to his tax issues in Italy.

Click here to read the full article.

The Mail seems to have taken against the new owner of Leeds reporting today that Cagilari have today sacked their Coach Diego Lopez after Sunday's 3- 1 home defeat to Roma which leaves them just outside the Serie A relegation zone.

Lopez, a former Cagliari player, had been in charge of the club for nine months, but his departure means that owner Massimo Cellino has gone through 36 coaching changes in 22 years.


Although fans of LUFC have clear reservations about the bone fides of their new owner, the general consensus seems to be that at last someone has arrived at Elland Road who wants to invest more into the club than he is intending to take out.  Leeds fans have taken him to heart, Click here to see Leeds Fans dressed up as 'Mafia' members at the QPR game. No doubt a lively reception will take place tomorrow evening at Vicarage Road when Leeds play Watford.  At least its a change from Jimmy Savile...


Long suffering fans at Leeds have seen a sucession of 'chancers' take control of the club, making promises which rapidly turn into excuses. The relationship between the supporters and Ken Bates took a turn for the worse after he called fans who vocalised their objections to his crazy decision making as ' morons', a description that many felt should have forced the Football League into taking action against him for bringing the game into disrepute. The Bates legacy is a stand which is half empty containing a number of luxurious executive boxes, no doubt paid for by the season ticket receipts that have been pledged elsewhere and the sale proceeds of the players that are currently playing for Norwich.


Tory MP Damian Collins apparently doesn't feel that Cellino is a 'fit and proper person' to run the club, and has sponsored a new bill called the Football Governance (No 2) bill before Parliament. This looks like more window dressing and merely the opportunity for Mr Collins to obtain publicity at the expense of LUFC. All it does in it's present form is give the Football League the power to block a prospective owner of a club by anyone they consider not to be 'fit and proper' - hardly any difference from the current situation, together with powers to ensure that all creditors in an administration receive equal treatment.

This piece of legislation has no teeth. Surely, what is required is the ability to remove somebody who is deemed to have acted in a manner that is contrary to the interests of the Football Club, and the definition of the Football club should include the season ticket holders and other fans who regularly turn up to support their team. 

Click Here to download the Bill. Its hardly worth the effort!

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