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EU directive on E Cigarettes leads to confusion | food safety

EU directive on E Cigarettes leads to confusion | food safety

The European Parliament has recently approved the Tobacco Products Directive which sets the rules for the sale of E cigarettes in Europe from 2016. There are also new rules that ban the sale of 10 packs of cigarettes and small pouches of tobacco - less than 30 grams.

The anticipated regulation on the sale of E Cigarettes, making them all subject to licencing as medicines has not happened as anticipated, perhaps due to last minute policitical lobbying. It was believed that the same regulations that apply to nicotine replacement therapies such as patches and gums would be extended to E cigarettes.

It now seems that E cigarettes with a nicotine concentration of less than 20 mg of tobacco will be regulated in the same way as tobacco, so advertising will be banned. Stronger concentrations will be regulated as medicines, so advertising will be permitted under limiting regulations.

Under the Medicines regulations, E cigarettes will have to be promotted as aids to quitting smoking, something that does not in reality explain the reason why most people use them. 

ASH, the body that campaigns for action on smoking and health, confirmed in a briefing last year that there is little 'real world' evidence of harm from E cigarettes, and that there is little evidence that they are used by people who had not used tobacco previously. They recognise that pure nicotine products, although addictive, are considerably less harmful than tobacco.

 An industry body called the ECITA - the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association has been formed to help vendors 'navigate the rules, regulations, science and technology and the ever changing economic and political climate' Go to´╗┐  for links to the vast array of regulations that apply to these products. 

  • the chemical Classification CHIP regulations.
  • the plugs and sockets regulations
  • weights and measures regulations.
  • distance selling regulations.
  • online privacy regulations
  • imported goods regulations
  • waste batteries regulations.
  • placing batteries on the market regulations
  • the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment [WEEE] Regulations

The site also contains a great deal of research into the effects of electronic cigarettes in respect of the two main issues - are they safe and do they assist people to quit smoking?.

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