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G Wiz fatal accident inquest verdict

G Wiz fatal accident inquest verdict

A recent inquest has concluded that a fatal accident that occured when scientist Judit Nadal was thrown from her car following a collision, was an accidental death. The car's importer said that 'the GWiz has an exemplary safety record with over 20 millon miles driven in London and Bangalore, and 4000 years of ownership with no reported serious injury'.

The G Wiz is a sight that can be seen increasingly on London's roads - only last week two were seen sharing a parking bay for one vehicle. The vehicle enjoys many perks such as free congestion charge and parking in many London boroughs including Westminster.

Many people feel that their use should be regulated to a 20 mph speed. Others see great inconsistency in view of the current 'ban' on the use of Segways on both roads and pavements, although a recent prosecution of a Segway driver was withdrawn by the CPS following representations by the Defence that raised a number of issues including a possible breach of EU law. 

The inquest heard how Mrs Nadal was involved in an accident with another vehicle, a Skoda Octavia when she was driving to school for an evening meeting. The inquest heard how she had been on her mobile phone seconds before the accident and was not wearing a seat belt.  Mrs Nadal said on the phone ' I think I have made a mistake' and then the call was dropped.

Evidence was given that Mrs Nadal did not like using her seat belt as it made her feel uncomfortable. Her husband, said that he felt no animosity towards the other driver, but criticised the GWiz saing that it does not cause much to make it disintegrate on impact.

The GWiz is not a motor vehicle but has full EU 'type approval' so it can be drven legally on the road., It is a NEV [Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle] and therefore exempt from many safety regulations, being classed as a 'quadricycle'. In 2007 Top Gear put a GWiz into a European new car crash test at 40 mph, although it did not have to pass such an exacting standard. The results however are devastating and the video clip can be seen by following the link here. 

The result of the crash test in 2007 was that the driver would have received severe injuries to legs and abdomen that could have proved fatal. It was followed quickly by a DTI test at 35 mph that raised 'serious safety concerns'.

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