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Jeremy Barnett Climate Change Talk I Energy Environment Expo

Jeremy Barnett Climate Change Talk I Energy Environment Expo

Jeremy is conducting a seminar at the Energy Environment Expo on 18th June at Exel on United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change [UNFCCC] Regulatory Issues. The subject is 'The New Language of Climate Change'.

Jeremy leads the Gough Square Chambers Climate Change group and is introducing the business opportunities that surround the regulatory frameworks for deforrestation known as REDD +. He will deal with MRV - Measurement Reporting and Verification as well as NAMAS, National Reporting obligations and other current climate change issues.

The main focus on the seminar is the global move towards government backed funding for GHG abatement technology rather than the discredieted private sector approach through the ETU cap and trade programme which has formed the basis for carbon trading. Weaknesses which include lack of transparency and fraud have resulted in a collapse of the carbon price which promises to bring the system to a halt.

With NAMAs - governments will effectively underwrite projects and bonds, by transparent accreditation and 'priming the pump' with initial funding from their own coffers and also funds being established by the Annex 1 countries. This looks like governments backing failing financial institutions and also currencies such as the Euro, and is predicted to be able to raise the massive amounts of capital required. For example, CCS is predicted to be on course to reduce global emissions by 19% but an estimated $ trillion is required.

Jeremy will look at the definitions of NAMAs, MRV  and then consider deforestation where many of the early NAMA applications have been made under REDD and REDD+ and also CCS, together with the new BECCS - Biomass energy CCS which is slowly gaining the traction that it deserves. See other articles about the advantages/disadvantages of CCS technology by clicking here.

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Also speaking at the seminar from Gough Square Chambers, is Fred Philpott on 17th June. The subject of his talk is the Green Deal and will provide an outline of the UK legislation promoting the Green Deal, the essential consumer credit component of the scheme and the reasons why the uptake has been so poor against the Government forecasts.

The seminar is part of the Energy and Environment Keynote Theatre which is focusing on the key issues faced by professionals when managing energy efficiency and environmental management. With experts addressing the hottest topics, streamed to provide the most relevant content for you, it should be firmly marked as a must attend in your diary.

Click here to see the entire programme of speakers.

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