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Large fines in the Charity Sector

Large fines in the Charity Sector

The Charity section is suddenly coming  under the spotlight of the regulators with a recent announcement of action against 11 charities including Cancer Resarch, McMillan Cancer Support, and the NSPPC, for breaches of data protection law. The action comes hard on the heels of the recent ICO event in Manchester where the new approach was unveiled to an audience that was less than enthuastic about the new approach.

 The ICO had earlier announced fines against the British Heart Foundation and the RSPC in relations to allegations of 'Wealth Screening' where unspuspecting members of the public hand over personal details which are then sent to external consultants to decide whether or not they should be targetted for further giving including the making of specific bequests to the charities involved.

See this article at civil society news for full details of the fines. 

The fines have been noted by Lord Grade, the head of the new Charity Regulator the Fundraising Regulator, who has introduced new codes of practice for charities and organisers, with increased sanctions based up the severity of the breaches, the repeat nature of the offending, and the number of examples, with each breach by a fundraiser calling for an individual fine.

The whole regulatory landscape was considered at a seminar yesterday at the National Council For Voluntary Organisations, where speakers included myself, Andrew Swan and Shelia Ramshaw of Short Richardson Forth LLP, Chris Mills of KPMG and Laura Bailey of Disburse, a specialist blockchain service aimed at introducing transparency in international aid donations.

Speakers considered the Data Protection Act, the new GDPR and the Fundraising Regulator, as well as ways in which to prepare systems for compliance with the new wave of hostile regulation.

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