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Saab spontaneously explodes in Leeds

Saab spontaneously explodes in Leeds

A Saab Convertable yesterday caught fire whilst being driven and exploded within seconds of the driver escaping without injury.

Mrs A Gregory was driving to the White Rose Centre in Leeds yesterday morning when her Saab 9.3 tSE convertable when she smelt burning. As she approached the shopping centre, she looked down to her left and noticed a spark coming from around the cigarette lighter. 

Thinking remarkably quickly, Mrs Gregory decided to abandon the car away from other parked cars on a double yellow line. She quickly jumped out of the car and realised that the engine was still running. Bravely, she reached in and switched off the ignition and retreated to a safe distance. 

The car then set alight and was destroyed within seconds. Shopping centre managers and the fire brigade arrived on the scence, but, despite their obvious concern and assistance, could not prevent the total destruction of Mrs Gregory's pristine vehicle.

This is the latest in a number of stories that have surfaced in relation to both electic and conventional petrol vehicles. Last week it emerged that a number of electrical failures had resulted in fires to new Minis both in the UK and in the USA. A crash test on electric Volt also resulted in a spontaneous explosion of the battery some three weeks after the test had been completed.

This case highlights an issue that has arisen with motorists who have so called 'low cost' insurance polices. It has been know for some insurers to maintain that electical faults can only be the result of 'fair wear and tear' and then decline to accept the claim. It seems that most policies that purport to exclude such liability are drawn so as not to cover the replacement of the electrical item that has failed ( such as an electric wing mirror switch) rather than the consequential loss of the failure.

For further information as to the above stories, see the earlier articles on this blog.

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