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SDT annual report published | SRA lawyer

SDT annual report published | SRA lawyer

The SDT yesterday published their annual report. Follow the link below to download the full document.

The most worrying conclusion is that Strike Off is the most likely result of a full hearing. Chilling news for anyone who faces and SRA investigation.




The main points made in the report are:

  • There has been a reduction in the number of cases going to the SDT, but those that are being prosecuted take longer.
  • An increase in Lay Applications which is a worrying trend in spite of evidence of increasing consumer empowerment.
  • Strike off is by far the most likely outcome ( recent figures 31 stike off, 1 indefinite suspension, 6 fixed suspension, 9 fine 2 reprimand)
  • The majority of appeals against decision were withdrawn or dismissed.

Click here to download the full report 

Jeremy Barnett is a Barrister in Leeds and London who specialises in representing solicitors facing investigations by the SRA. He has represented a number of solicitors before both the SDT and panels of the SRA dealing with ARP waivers and other issues.

For any advice and assistance for issues like these please do call Jeremy on 0844 2722322 or submit a comment below. Jeremy will come back to you at the earliest convenience.

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