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Trading Standards Lawyer: Specialist barrister in Toy Safety, Baby Products, Fireworks, Food Safety, Furniture / Fire and Wigs and Masks; Call 0844 2722322.

For 15 years Jeremy has acted as a Trading Standards Lawyer, advising importers, distributors, manufacturers of products who face allegations around the country. He has unparalleled experience in defending cases involving a vast array of consumer goods, including babywalkers, pushchairs, fireworks, pharmaceuticals, Hair Straighteners and other electrical goods.

For a number of years, Jeremy represented the manufactures of wigs masks and gowns who faced prosecution and product recalls over allegations that haloween masks and clothing could catch fire. On every occasion, the proseuction was sucessfully defended and on one occasion, over £200k damages were recovered where a product suspension order was wrongly imposed.

Modern manufacturing procedures and quality management are key to the placing of products on the market that satisfy strict testing regimes. Legal issues that arise include the differing obligations of various parties in the supply chain, test house and type approval procedures and due diligence defences.

The majority of consumer goods that are imported into the UK are manufactured in the Far East. It is necessary to obtain full test certification prior to placing goods on the market in the EU. The obligations of the importer and others in the supply chain into the EU is set out in the General Product Safety Regulations and new Toy Safety Directive. Counterfeiting clothing and electrical goods is also a serious issue that has brought about trading standards ‘raids’.

Jeremy has acted as a Trading Standards lawyer in approximately 100 companies and individuals in trading standards prosecutions, including international manufacturers and importers, major retail chains and sme’s who source their own products from the Far East, in particular China. He has also specialised in prosecutions of new forms of vehicles including Segway, Motorised skateboards and Mini Motos.

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Specialist lawyer for Segway, babywalkers, mini moto...

Many vehicles attract the attention of the tranding standards and other prosecuting authorities. Jeremy has acted as a specialist Trading Standards Lawyer in a number of cases brought by Liverpool...

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