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Many vehicles attract the attention of the tranding standards and other prosecuting authorities. Jeremy has acted as a specialist Trading Standards Lawyer in a number of cases brought by Liverpool Trading Standards [LTS] who decided that all babywalkers were dangerous, so they prosecuted 10 manufacturers for a variety of offences in a blaze of publicity.

Based upon research from America that was fundamentally flawed, LTS alleged that the use of babywalkers prevented ‘bipedial locomotion’, in other words, prevented babies from learning to walk properly. They also alleged that many children were at risk of injury due to tipping over, finger entrapment and other so called design faults.

Jeremy represented a number of manufacturers who were all cleared of the various summonses as expert medical and business process witnesses demonstrated that the various claims made by the prosecution were wholly unsafe.

Philip Coates was convicted by the Barnsley Magistrates on 18th January 2011 of riding his Segway Personal Transport [SPT] on the pavement. The District Judge found that the SPT was a ‘motor vehicle’ under the Road Traffic Act 1988. The case is currently subject to an appeal by way of case stated to the Divisional Court in Leeds see - "Segway owner Ill fight in the High Court for my right to ride" news story. Jeremy is instructed by Victoria Molloy of Lumb and McGill, solicitors in Bradford.

In 2009, Jeremy acted as a Trading Standards lawyer for the importer of mini motos who was prosecuted in Manchester for a supplying vehicles that were said to contravene various regulations designed to regulate 4 wheel lawnmowers. The company was cleared of various charges and convicted of others.

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