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Following a period of relative calm, the SRA have undertaken a flourish of activity in respect of high risk investment fraud, a legal financing fund and escrow services for an insurance guarantee loan scheme. 

Jeremy has recently been instructed in the following cases.

-  Re A - Escrow account for £30m Brazil Eco Housing Scheme [SRA]  Direct Access, together with Ian Coupland BCP Interntional Law Firm

-  Re B and H - Firms who were funded by collapsed Cayman Island £100m Axiom Legal Financing Fund [SRA] Direct Access together with   Ian Coupland BCP International Law Firm 

-  Re C - Escrow account for Insurance guarantee loan scheme [SRA] Instructed by Graham Small, Lewis Hymanson Small LLP

-  Re D  Various CMC issues with the Claims Management Regulator [MOJ] Data protection. Compensation ( Claims Management Services) Regulations 2006  Instructed by Michael Shroot ,Woodcocks, Howarth Nuttal 

-  Re E -Various CMC issues  PPI additional claims  Instructed by Gavin Maddison and Russell Ward, Ward Hadaway

-  Re F Director Disqualifiaction [BIS]  Instructed by Stephen Eccles, Pinney Taulford LLP

-  Re G - Advice on Fraud Compliance  Regulatory Processes for  major private company.Direct Access.

-  Proposed Intervention of substantial Law Firm by SRA, Direct Access with Ian Coupland.

-  Environment Agency proseuction; Transfrontier Shipment of Waste and Producer Responsibility (Packing Waste) [ePRNS]  Direct Access together with Julie Goulbourne, Stephensons LLP

For any advice and assistance for issues like these please do call Jeremy on 0844 2722322 or submit a comment below. Jeremy will come back to you at the earliest convenience.

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