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Yorkshire Post Questions and Answers

Yorkshire Post Questions and Answers

Interview with Jeremy Barnett, head of regulatory at St Pauls Barristers Chambers,  10th January 2012.


Whats the biggest development you've seen in the legal profession during your career?

The introduction of direct access (or public access as it is now known), which allows firms or members of the public to instruct a barrister directly.

Barristers can give a quick opinion as to the overall conduct of a transaction or dispute, if necessary pointing the client to the best solicitor or other barrister for that case, thus saving a great deal of time and expense.

Barristers will also soon be able to work with other professionals, such as economists and research scientists, in structures known as ABS (Alternate Business Structures), giving specialist technical and regulatory advice in complex areas of risk and business resilience.

What law would you like to see changed?

The Proceeds of Crimes Act, where the police/prosecution pursue those convicted of “lifestyle offences” and retain the proceeds for themselves. The prosecution should be independent and not have a vested interest in the outcome of proceedings.

What is the most exciting work you’ve ever done?

Being a member of the Accountancy and Actuarial Discipline Board, considering various massive off-balance sheet transactions of certain American investment banks.

Who in the legal world do you most admire?

Timothy Dutton QC. He is the ultimate professional.

What advice would you give someone starting out in the profession?

Learn a great deal about the subject matter or business that you intend to specialise in. From my point of view, the emergence of low carbon technology and energy storage to reduce carbon emissions represents an area of spectacular growth.

Yorkshire Post 10th January 2010

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