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Emerging Markets Lawyer:
Regulatory Barrister involved in academic research in IT, Carbon law and Energy Storage. Call 0844 2722322.

Jeremy has been a practising Barrister for 30 years and sits as a Recorder in the Crown and County Courts. Initially, he concentrated on serious criminal cases and moved into heavy fraud work in the 1990s, appearing in a number of the largest fraud trials in the North of England. For a detailed look at Jeremy’s cv please click here.

He began representing companies in the baby products and toy industries 15 years ago, and has worked with other members of chambers to turn St Pauls into one of the leading regulatory and professional disciplinary sets in the country.

On 14th May 2013 Jeremy joined Gough Square Chambers to concentrate on trading standards, financial regulation and climate change work.

From his heavy fraud work, Jeremy developed an interest in IT, in particular document search and retrieval. In 2002 he was the founder of the Court 21 project at Leeds University, an academic joint venture between the departments of Law, Business, Computing and Courtroom 21 at the William and Mary School of Law, Virginia USA, specialising in virtual hearings across the internet .

He was appointed the visiting Professor of Law Informatics in the Department of computing from 2005 – 2010 and was the co author of a paper with Professor Pete Dew entitled ‘E Legal Services to speed up Justice for B2B systems’. This research proposed a new platform for online dispute resolution [ODR],, designed to send critical information from large data sets from parties in remote locations, engaged in large scale transactions see and

Jeremy was appointed Chair of the Bar Council IT panel in 2005 that consulted on all areas of IT for practitioners. He was part of a delegation that visited China in 2008 to promote a UK China Mediation Service, and is still pursuing that objective with the Association of Northern Mediators.

He has also recently supervised an exciting research paper that has been published for publication in the Stair 11 proceedings entitled’ Semantic key word search for expert witness discovery’, based upon his practice in Toy Safety

In recent years Jeremy has developed an interest in Climate Change Law, in particular Biofuels and Carbon Capture Storage. He is a member of the International Energy Agency Regulators network and attended the world climate change conference at Posnam. In 2012, together with other research scientists and economists, he established Resilience Partners Ltd which is a consulatancy for business and policy makers in Climate, Technology and Energy Issues.

He is now specialising in the emerging subject of Electrical Energy Storage, for Electric Vehicles and the ‘Smart Grid’, and in May 2011 was invited to speak on regulatory issues that arise with this new technology at the Sino British Workshop in Beijing.

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