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Solar PV legal and regulatory issues

In April 2010 a scheme, known as the FIT Scheme, was introduced to enable electricity supply companies to make payments to small- scale producers of low Рcarbon electricity. The purpose of the scheme was to encourage members of the public and the community to become involved in the low Рcarbon generation of electricity by specified types of technology. The system of Feed Рin Tariffs (FITs) is designed to provide support and to encourage small Рscale low-carbon generators. The sources of such generation were fore example biomass, wind and solar photovoltaic (solar PV).

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Solar PV Feed in Tarrif appeal refused.

The Government has been refused permission to appeal against the January 2012 Court of Appeal decision in relation to the Feed in Tariff for solar photovoltaic  [PV] installations. The decision means that any  4 kW installation in working order and licenced before the Government’s cut of eligibility date of  3rd March 2012 will qualify for the FIT ( 39.6 p per KWh if new build and 45.5 p per KWh if retrofit) for the current period of 25 years.   √جª¬ø

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