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Smart Grid and V2G

Smart Grid describes the integration of all elements connected to the electricy grid by IT to allow intelligent devices and communications to balance demand. V2G [Vehicle to Grid] technology links Electric Vehicles [EV] to the grid allowing the sale of surplus electricity back to the grid.

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Smart Grid is the term generally used to describe the integration of all elements connected to the electrical grid with an IT infrastructure that offers numerous benefits for both the providers and consumers of electricity. The backbone is a heavy duty, secure, open communications system that intelligently links elements of the grid, whilst participating in decision making.

The Smart Grid is based upon two way systems, where large scale storage capacity is used to store excess capacity from Wind or Solar power generation. The aim is to level off demand from peak to off peak by designing software and devices to work off peak and even return surplus power back to the grid when not in use.

One element of the Smart Grid is known as V2G [Vehicle to Grid] technology. Here plug in electric vehicles and hybrids communicate with the power grid to sell demand response services by either delivering electricity back to the grid, or manipulating the charging rate. As most vehicles are parked on average 95% of the time, their batteries could be used to let electricity flow back to the grid to help peak flow.

Other technology includes the use of ‘Smart Sensors’ or intelligent end devices such as programmable thermostats to help them sense and manage demand. Automated meter reading also requires the building of a communications infrastructure.

New technology requires new regulation: For more information about Smart Grid regulation in the USA, the EU and China go to Jeremy’s presentation to the Sino UK workshop in Beijing, May 26, 2011.

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