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Fraud & Insolvency

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Jeremy is a Barrister who has defended hundreds of people and companies accused of fraud around the county. He is an expert fraud lawyer who has represented people charged with the following types of offences:

  • Pyramid Selling, including money circulation schemes such as Alchemy and Ostrich Farming £20m
  • Bayling and recycling of stainless steel in £20m alleged fraudulent scheme.
  • ILA [Individual Learning Account] distant learning schemes]. £20m
  • Financial Services – collective investments, deposit taking, self certification mortgages £10m
  • VAT reclaim schemes by accountants, and entrepeneurs.
  • Advance Fee Frauds £10m
  • Securitised borrowing by Mercedes main agent £30m
  • Counterfeiting and money laundering £20m
  • Corruption of Chief Planning Officer, Doncaster
  • Asian bank breaching banking regulations and unauthorised investments.

As an expert lawyer involved in fraud cases, Jeremy has been involved in numerous cases concerning auditing standards and best practice, and as a result was appointed to the AADB [Accounting and Actuaries Disciplinary Board] in 2008.

He has also represented a number of directors who have been made subject to Directors Disqualification proceedings in the High Court by the DTI and BIS. In many cases, the Director is involved with the running or management of other companies that are solvent, so an application is made for leave to act under s17 of the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986.

His experience in dealing with huge data sets as a fraud lawyer resulted in him being appointed as a visiting professor of Law Informatics at Leeds University, where he specialised in IT systems for major trials and dispute resolution.

Recent cases include:

  • ILA fraud at Teeside Crown Court .
  • Counterfeiting appeal at Court of Appeal
  • Luton Town FC directors disqualification

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