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Jeremy Barnett is an Environmental lawyer, specialising in carbon, global climate change, energy storage and waste packaging. He is a leading UK Climate Change Lawyer and has a special interest in the Circular Economy, Energy Storage biofuels, algae fuel (oilgae), carbon fertilisers produced from biomass ( biochar) and other carbon technologies. He has recently advised a national government on legal and regulatory issues relating to COP 18 in Qatar.

In 2012, together with research scientists and economists, he formed Resilience Partners Ltd, a consultancy in Climate, Technology and Energy Issues for Business and Policy makers. Resilience specialises in economic and policy issues around Energy Storage, Resilient networks and Shale Oil and Gas.

He is part of the Sino UK Energy Storage reasearch team by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Sciences – for a link to various articles and academic papers click here. He also has been instructed on a number of issues by the Centre for Low Carbon Futures, the UK’s leading ‘Green Think Tank’, based at York.CLCF is an academic joint venture between the Universities of Leeds, York, Sheffield and Hull. Jeremy was invited as an environmental lawyer to a seminar at Chatham House, in May 2012 on the Localism Act and funding for Green Infrastructure projects.

Jeremy has experience advising on the Producer Responsibility Obligations ( packaging waste) Regulations 2007 and the Transfrontier Shipment of Waste Regulations 2007. The use of the National Waste Packaging Database and electronic PRNs and PERNS ( for export ) is a complex issue that requires a detailed knowledge of the terms and conditions of the database.

Jeremy played a part in the initiative to bring the Green Investment Bank to Leeds, and has set up a group on Linkedin #GreenLeeds. You can follow issues relating to the Yorkshire Region as a centre for emerging technology on Twitter @GreenLeeds. Activies include environmental seminars with the EcoConnect Forum where Jeremy has acted as moderator for the first two sessions.

Please follow Jeremy’s view on a range of environmental and legal issues on his blog attached to this site entitled


Advice given in recent cases

  • Advice to non Annex 1 country on 2nd UNFCCC National Communication
  • Depositing controlled (non inert) waste ( £1m approx)
  • Feed in Tarrif for Solar pv (photovoltaic panel)
  • Data protection directive for Smart Grid Cloud database service
  • Funding for major infrastructure projects – Localism Act
  • Advice on EU procurement for £2m DECC innovation reserach and development grant
  • Segway appeal to Administrative Court. Department of Transport policy on Electric Personal Vehicles
  • Planning issues for Low Carbon amine scrubbing plant
  • Successful defence of Packaging allegations by major ‘Drop Ship’ internet office supply co.
  • Advice on CRC liability of supermarket chain

Jeremy has successfully represented a number of PLCs and medium sized companies, who have faced prosecution by the Environment Agency and various Trading Standards Departments, for alleged breaches of the Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulations 2003. Clients include the UK’s largest supplier of stationery and office supplies online, and Europes leading distributor of mobile phone products and provider of business process outsourcing to the telecoms industry.

The strategy used in these cases has been to understand the different obligations of manufacturers and distributors under the Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulations 2003 and to construct a due diligence defence based upon modern manufacturing best practice.

Jeremy is one of the few Environmental lawyers in the country to have advised on the Carbon Reduction Energy Efficiency Scheme Order 2010 [CRC].. His clients include a national supermarket chain and a specialist waste consultant in the construction industry.

He also specialises in the law and regulation of batteries, in particular the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations. In May 2009, the UK placed into law the full ‘Producer Responsibility’ portions of the directive which deal with recycling targets and the mechanisms to be put in place to ensure that the new recycling targets are met.

Producer Responsibility means that the business first placing the battery or product containing a battery, onto the UK market is responsible for the costs of recycling. Under the terms of the Waste Battery and Accumulator Regulations 2009, producers will have to put a collection network in place to recycle batteries and inform the public about that network.

He is also interested in developments in Fuel cells and flow batteries [a form of rechargeable battery in which electrolyte containing one or more dissolved electroactive species flows through an electrochemical cell that converts chemical energy directly to electricity] and new regulations that will be developed around the world.

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