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Jeremy now instructed in Segway

UK Health and Safety Barrister of the Year

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Direct Access and Referral Barrister.
at St Pauls Chambers, Leeds & Gough Square Chambers, London

Professional Endorsements

Peter McKenna

Partner TLW Solicitors

Jeremy has advised the practice on a number of issues relating to SRA compliance with a professional and informed approach that focussed on developi...

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Stephen Eccles, Partner Pinney Taulford Solicitors

Directors Disqulification

Jeremy is a real expert in Directors Disqualification matters. I instructed him on an urgent matter, he was able to assimilate the facts quickly and...

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Malcolm Statman

Director Gateway Homes

Jeremy advised us on a difficult regulatory issue in a professional manner that resulted in an excellent outcome for the company and directors’

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Ivan A

ACCA Disciplinary Panel

Morpeth I would just like to convey to you my sincere thanks for your excellent guidance and expertise yesterday, your in depth knowledge of case...

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Smart Grid & V2G

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Head of Regulatory at St Pauls Chambers, Jeremy Barnett is very commercial in his outlook

Experienced Regulatory and Fraud Barrister

Jeremy has a background in fraud work and currently advises companies and professionals in regulatory issues and hearings.

With an academic background in blockchain, artificial intelligence and crypro currencies, Jeremy often advises in cases involving UK (FCA) and other international jurisdictional issues.

The initial work that was conducted was Trading Standards advice for children’s products: pushchairs, prams, babywalkers, cots and sleep products. He was then instructed in general product safety cases involving fireworks, pharmaceutical products, food safety and clothing, and regularly advises companies on compliance, product recalls and due diligence defences in a number of markets. He has a particular interest in environmental cases, especially waste packaging and similar issues.

This general regulatory work led to professional disciplinary work which now consists of over 50% of his practice. He regularly represents solicitors, accountants, and financial consultants (for 4 years was a board member of the Accountants and Actuaries Disciplinary Board, the predecessor of the Financial Reporting Council Disciplinary Scheme.

Jeremy often appears in disciplinary tribunals and the High Court as well as criminal courts where regulatory issues arise. He also conducts numerous cases involving FCA compliance in respect of Claims Management Firms, Referral Fees and other FCA compliance issues. His work for CMC’s lead to expertise in Data Protection advice, which is now more widely required following the introduction of the GDPR.

Jeremy also specialises in Director Disqualification cases, having defended numerous directors around the country, in particular advising on applications for permission to act as a director. He is one of the few barristers to have successfully obtained interim permission to act as a director following a finding of unfitness.

Recent cases that Jeremy has been involved in include:

  • Advising a Singapore based Crypto fund on potential UK FCA compliance
  • SRA cases relating to
    • Substantial diversions of funds by a senior partner
    • Use of clients account as a banking facility
    • Conveyancing irregularities.
  • Submission of an application to the FCA for authority to conduct a claims management business.
  • Fire Safety issues around a children’s sleep mat.

as well as advising in serious fraud and other criminal cases.

Jeremy leads a research consortium at UCL where he is an honorary Professor of Algorithmic regulation. This consortium leads the way in ‘deep tech’ for the global real estate sector, in particular issues around  the exchange of data for Fire Safety post Grenfell Tower and ESG investing. In particular the consortium is researching issues around the introduction of algorithms and automation and ways in which algorithms can be audited, tested and regulated.

You can instruct Jeremy either on a Direct Access basis or together with an instructing solicitor.

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