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In 2006 Jeremy made his first visit to China as part of the Lord Mayor’s delegation from Leeds that visited its twin city, Hangzhou to mark the opening of the world leisue expo.

Together with ‘Leeds Legal’, he built links with Mr Yu Huida, the Deputy Party Secretary and a number of lawyers and judges. He organised a return visit by a delegation from Hangzhou to Leeds in May 2006. This delegation was received at Leeds Crown Court by Jeremy, the Resident Judge HH Judge Norman Jones QC and the Leader of the Circuit, and was aimed at building relations between the legal communities of both cities.

In 2006 Jeremy joined the Chairman of the Bar and Philip Bartle QC on a visit to Shanghai, and was also a speaker with the Bar Council team that conducted a workshop in Shanghai on international mediation. He was recently part of the team that received a delegation from the CCPIT [China Council for the Promotion of International Trade] and has been invited to meet the Secretary General in May 2011 to discuss the creation of a UK China mediation panel.

In recent years Jeremy has developed an interest in Climate Change Law, in particular Biofuels and Carbon Capture Storage. He is involved in the emerging subject of Electrical Energy Storage, for electric vehicles and the ‘smart grid’. In May 2011 he has been invited speak on the regulatory issues that may arise with this new technology at the Sino British Workshop in Beijing see

He has formed a working relationship with an up and coming firm in Hangzhou, the Zhejiang Brighteous Law Firm, the Zhejiang Law firm of the year in 2009. They established the Zhejiang overseas investment centre to help Chinese clients invest in Europe and the USA.

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