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Virtual Mediations

JEREMY BARNETT VIRTUAL MEDIATOR: Specialist Mediator in UK – China and other remote location mediations by VISIMEET . Call 0844 2722322 

Jeremy Barnett is a specialist mediator, using internet based technology to conduct multi party sessions in UK – China  and other international disputes.  Virtual mediations offer all parties a cheap and effective alternative to expensive face to face international mediations, saving upon expensive air travel and the associated time required to travel long distances.

Following research into the use of video conferencing to conduct international multi party hearings at Court 21 in the USA in 2002, IOCOM launched their multi party internet based technology, based upon the Access Grid worldwide university network.  Their latest service, Visimeet allows all participants to have free ‘one to one’ meetings at any time. An unlimited number of participants can join the main session. Meetings can be called and ended ‘ on the fly’.

Jeremy first visited China in 2006 with the Chairman of the Bar and Philip Bartle QC , and was a speaker in the Bar Council team that conducted a workshop in Shanghai on international mediation.  He has recently joined the Association of Northern Mediators, based in Leeds [ANM] to assist them develop their international business model.

On 23rd May 2011, Jeremy met with representatives from CCPIT in Beijing to discuss future collaboration. CCPIT have a network of over 40 offices around China conducting mediations and arbitrations, as well as a panel of international mediators.

St Pauls Virtual Mediation

Chambers has developed a protocol for the installation and use of Visimeet.  Clients will pay a standard fee for mediation services, depending on the scope of the mediation. A list of Jeremy’s mediation fees is available by clicking here.

All parties will agree to participate in an advance test session approximately one week prior to the mediation, and a further short test on the day of the live session.

There is then a charge for the hire of the chambers Iocom suite, which includes free online support (Chicago time) and the use of the St Pauls Virtual Mediation Co Ordinator, who will be available to assist with pre hearing testing of the equipment. The Protocol sets out all the relevant information and is available by clicking the READ MORE tab at the bottom of this page.

How to proceed.

Please contact Nick Dolan,  the St Pauls VM Co ordinator on 0844 2722322 who will talk you through the process.

He will invite you to fill out a pre mediation form that is available here, giving the contact details and availability for all participants in the mediation.

For the standard ANM conditions that will govern the conduct of the mediation,  please click here.



Protocol for Virtual Mediations

This document sets out the steps for intallation of the Visimeet software, the contact details for the VM Co ordinator and support at IOCOM

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