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Protocol for Virtual Mediations

This document sets out the steps for intallation of the Visimeet software, the contact details for the VM Co ordinator and support at IOCOM

Points to Note


 St Pauls chambers use IOCOM Visimeet, a collaborative tool based on Access Grid technology. It is easy to install, allows an unlimited number of participants, and supports:

  • A virtual room that participants enter and leave at will.
  • Chat with any party within the meeting
  • scheduled or ad hoc meetings
  • recording of meetings were agreed in advance.
  • Telephone participation
  • Meeting controls that allow each user to optimise their meeting settings for audio for each site, or closing HD video to improve performance where required.
  • Data sharing of desktops, presentations or external data sharing and file sharing.

For a full overview see

Participants may use Visimeet for any ‘one to one’ meeting without charge. IOCOM support is provided free throughout the process. Contact can be made with support, who are based in Chicago, by email to  or by Visimeet from 8 am to 6 pm Chicago time. (Further technical assistance is available from Richard Wright at St Pauls Chambers).

In the event of difficulty, please contact Art Ziarko at or anyone in the support team at IOCOM.

Required equipment

Visimeet is ideal for use on a modern laptop with built in audio and video. For a desktop solution, IOCOM recommend a headset with echo cancelling built in. A good broadband connection is essential, but where bandwith is not appropriate to support the high performance audio codec, Visimeet provides the option of a lower bandwith codec.

Virtual Meeting Co ordinator

St Pauls Chambers have appointed a member of the clerking team, Nick Dolan to be the VM  Co ordinator.  He will supervise the end to end process, from initial installation, to test and then the virtual mediation.

He will maintain a register of the contact details of all participants, send invitations to all participants to join Visimeet, be available for virtual test meetings and co ordinate the test meetings prior to the mediation.


Installation is simple and usually takes about 5 minutes. You will be sent an invitation by the VM Co ordinator and then follow the instructions. In the event of difficulty, contact Support at IOCOM who will talk you through the problem.

Pre Mediation tests

The VM Co ordinator will undertake one to one initial meetings with each participant once installation has taken place. He will then arrange for a full Pre Mediation test to be conducted approximately one week prior to the mediation.

It is essential that all parties make themselves available for the Pre Mediation test, with the equipment properly configured that will be used in the Mediation.

The Mediation

The Mediation will take place at a time that is convenient to the majority of the participants, bearing in mind the different time zones that may be involved. It is essential that a further full test is conducted 1 hour prior to the appointed time for the mediation.

Virtual Mediation Charges

There is no charge for Visimeet to be used for one to one meetings by any participant. If participants wish to use Visimeet for meetings with others who are not involved in the mediation during the preparation for or following the conclusion of the mediation, this can be arranged by the VM Coordinator for no extra charge.

The parties will pay a daily fee for the hire of the Visimeet Studio in St Pauls Chambers, Leeds that depends on the number of remote participants as follows, ( all charges are exclusive of VAT):

Up to 3 remote locations:   £500 per day or £300 per half day

3 – 6 locations                      £750 per day

6 -10 locations                      £1000 per day

The daily fee will include the services of the VM Co ordinator for installation, tests and to ensure that the service is functioning prior to the mediation. He will also be available during the mediation to assist with convening plenary or one to one meetings during the course of the day.

Coffee/tea and water will be provided in the Studio at Leeds. Sandwiches and/or other refreshments can be provided for an additional cost.



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