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Why should I speak to a Barrister?

The distinction between Solicitors and Barristers has become blurred in recent years. Traditionally, Barristers were the advocates, and solicitors were general practitioners who dealt with the cli...

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Can I approach a Barrister directly?

Yes. We are often prepared to talk to you on an informal basis for an hour or so about your case, and point you in the right direction. Just ring the number on the bottom of this page and we ...

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Does this mean that I don’t need a solicitor?

Maybe! There are some types of cases that the Bar can conduct on our own for example in disciplinary cases where a response is required to specific allegations by a professional body and a hearing...

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What are the advantages of coming to the Bar directly?

You may find that it is cheaper to come to the Bar first, as our overheads tend to be less than some large solicitors firms, but the quality of the legal advice is as good ( if not better on occas...

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