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Blockchain: the next generation internet.

The Blockchain trade organisation, the CDC,  knocked the ball out of the park with the blockchain summit in Washinton DC on 3rd March 2016. The speakers and invited guests delivered their message in a relentless display of technical knowlege, enthuasiam and insight, coupled with the occasional eye on the thorny issue of how best to deal with the regulators, most of whom have not yet decided whether or not they are for or against the whole idea.√جª¬ø

The main themes were; that blockchain digitisies assets allowing them to be transferred across the internet, Public vs Private chains, and the techniques increase the speed of capital in the same way that the interent increased the speed of information.

The summit was introduced by Perianne Boring, who single handedly has turned the idea of a lobbying organisation into a serious trade body in an area of incredible vitality within the space of a year or so. She was followed by the author Don Tapscott who established his credentials as an internet southsayer, then went on to explain in his view how blockchain heralds the second generation of the internet. His vision of the future, based on his considerable insight into future interent over the years, led him to a bizzare video of swarms of birds with accompanying music, which signified the power of the crowd to govern their own affairs. √جª¬ø

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