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Smart Contracts | Bitoin Lawyer

Blockchain is the underlying technology behind Bitcoin. Work on different crypto currencies and businesses around the technology has resulted in the growth of Blockchain 2. Those who are working with the new platform are recognising the potential that will be unleashed on markets around the world. This is because of the underlying principle, that of the ‘smart contract’, something that developers of Artificial Intelligence have been prediciting for a number of years.

Blockchain is a distributed transactional processing engine. It was 

As is pointed out by TechCrunch columnist Jon Evans, Blockchain 2 is in many ways a misnomer as we are not yet at Blockchain 1, the current version is 0.9.3. He explains that it doesnt apply to a new software release, but, rather like ‘Web 2.0’ it refers to new conceptual developments and experimental implementations that significantly extend the flexibility, power and ultimate utility of of the underlying platform.


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