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Exploding mobile phones cause danger

Reports from around the world indicate that there is a growing issue around spontaneous explosions of mobile phone batteries, sometimes causing serious injury or possibly even death. The main causes seem to be leaving phones on charge for too long or the huge amount of counterfeiting of phones and equipment that is happening around the world.


There have been a number of reported incidents of mobile phones spontaneously combusting, due to a variety of factors.

In China, reported that there had been a lethal electric shock that occurred when an iphone was being charged, causing instant death. Apple maintain that most examples of incidents of this nature are the result of the dramatic counterfeit batteries and other equipment Рone recent report was that an entire shop had been fitted out to copy the funky Apple stores that are such a hit around the world, and it turned out that the entire operation was in fact one large fake. Apple are not the only manufacturer to have this problem. Samsung have also reported a surge in copy batteries which are virtually impossible to detect without undertaking a full examination of the unit in laboratory conditions. It seems that circuit problems may cause leakage, although faults in the power supply have also been detected. Overheating can sometimes be detected, prior to any serious incident occurring.

Other manufacturers Nokia and Motorola have also found themselves facing similar difficulties. The South China Morning Post reported last year that mobile phone batteries had exploded during safety tests undertaken by the Guandong provincial government. Only 60 per cent of the 40 batteries tested passed. All had been purchased in markets in Guandon cities including Guangzhou, Shenzen and Foshan. A report had also been received of a fatality to a welder who died when his mobile phone battery exploded. Although it was thought that this was another counterfeit battery, the reports have caused widespread concern amongst mobile phone users.

But it’s not only in China that such problems are being encountered. Peterborough Today reported recently that a battery that had been kept on charge for too long had exploded causing a house fire. Crews from the Dogsthorpe Fire Station were called out on 28th June 2013 to tackle the blaze and had to enter wearing breathing apparatus to bring the flames under control. Crews were on the scene for more than two hours before it was declared safe. Damage was caused in the bedroom where the phone had been on charge, causing burning to the bed, furniture and serious smoke damage.√جª¬ø

This cctv video clip demonstrates how this issue can arise when not expected and cause substantial shock to those in the vicinity. Click here to see the video clip.






Originally posted 2013-07-25 00:00:00.

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