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Green Leeds Powers ahead

The Linkedin Group #GreenLeeds that was set up by Jeremy Barnett to support the bid for the Green Investment Bank by the Leeds City Region has now partnered with Eco Connect to set up the EcoConnectForum.


The EcoConnectForum has been launched with a seminar on July 10th at 5 pm at Addleshaw Goddards, entitled


The current speakers at the event will be:

 √جª¬øJerry Biggs CEO at Narec Capital

Jeremy is the CEO of Narec Capital, a joint venture between The National Renewable Energy Centre (Narec) and Ashberg Ltd, a fully regulated financial services entity. Narec Capital is the UK’s renewable energy accelerator, a public / private initiative established to leverage Narec’s unique test asset base in order to de-risk and provide finance for renewable technologies and projects. 

Jeremy is also a Founding Director of Ashberg Ltd, which focuses on direct private investments primarily in the areas of renewable energy and sustainability. Jeremy has over 10 years experience of Banking and investment management. He regularly speaks on clean technology investment and the role of private finance.

Jeremy Barnett Specialist Barrister on Carbon Law and Renewable Energy at St Pauls Chambers
Jeremy is a Barrister, head of Regulatory at St Pauls Chambers Leeds. He is a specialist in low carbon law, in particular energy storage, electric vehicles and the ‘Circular Economy’.

Jeremy has recently formed Resilience Partners to advise on research, financial and legal risk in low carbon innovation, in particular the financing of retrofitting and other infrastructure projects under the Localism Act by Local Authorities.

Jon Price Director of the Centre for Low Carbon Futures
The Centre for Low Carbon Futures is a collaborative University organisation established in 2009, focusing on sustainability for competitive advantage. Jon was appointed as Director of the Centre for Low Carbon Futures in November 2009. His early career was in financial services, holding a number of senior management positions predominantly in international development, and spent time living in The Netherlands whilst working for ABN Amro.  

Jon attended the OECD ministerial round tables on sustainable development in Paris and Singapore as an expert on policy issues, and in a similar capacity at the Accenture Global Energy Board in Beijing and International Metalworkers Federation in Sydney amongst various other organisations.  Jon has also hosted and participated in a number of side events at the UNFCCC negotiations at Poznan, Copenhagen, Cancun and Durban.  Jon has worked closely with governments in the EU and Australia, and frequently visited Japan, China and India running workshops and international research programmes. He also served until 2010 as the Chair of the Advisory Board of the co2balance Group, a low carbon technology project organisation particularly focused on work in Africa.

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