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IPCC focus on Food Security and Food Production Systems

The report draws a clear connection between climate change, food scarcity and conflict. Climate change has already cut into the global food supply. Global crop yields have already begun to decline, especially wheat raising doubts whether food production can keep up with population growth.

Other food sources are also under pressure. Certain fish catches may reduce by 40% Р60%. The report also warns that climate change, combined with poverty and economic shocks, could lead to war and and drive people to leave their houses.

Food Security and Food Production Executive summary 

The effects of climate change on crop and food production are evident in several regions of the world (high confidence). Negative impacts of climate trends have been more common than positive ones. [Figures 7-2, 7-7] Positive trends are evident in some high latitude regions (high confidence). Since AR4, there have been several periods of rapid food and cereal price increases following climate extremes in key producing regions, indicating a sensitivity of current markets to climate extremes among other factors. [Figure 7-3, Table 18-4] Several of these climate extremes were made more likely as the result of anthropogenic emissions (medium confidence). [Table 18-4] √جª¬ø

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