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Renault Senics burst into flames

The Mail yesterday reported that a family escaped from a burning Renault Senic that burst into flames in the middle lane of the M42. This is the second report of such an incident within 6 days.

The family abandoned their car when smoke started to pour from the bonnet as they sat in traffic. Minutes later, the car was ripped apart by an explosion.

Fire crews attended the fire and as a result two lanes of the motorway were closed for 9 hours causing chaos to other motorists.

An eyewitness said,

“I began taking pictures when all of a sudden it went from practically nothing to a fierce ball of flames. It was shocking how quickly it turned. It started popping and then a number of explosions fired pieces of shrapnel across the carriageway.√جª¬ø

Smoke and flames shot 100ft into the air. It was like a bomb had gone off. It looked like something from a Hollywood blockbuster. At first people where driving around the car to carry on with their journey but it became so severe all the cars stopped and parked about 100 metres away. No one wanted to go near it.

To read more about this incident, click here.

This is not the first report of a Renault Senic catching fire. A man died recently in an accident on the M6 after his car was seen to collide with a bridge he was driving under called Bamber Bridge. It bounced off the bridge onto the central reservation before stopping on the hard shoulder where it then exploded. To read more about this click here.


In 2008, the York Press reported that a car had gone up in flames close to the Halifax building society. An eyewitness saw it explode after seeing smoke appear from the bonnet.  To read more go to 

Originally posted 2011-08-05 00:00:00.

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