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High Court reduces SDT Suspension Order | SRA Lawyer

Mr Justice Mostyn has recently reduced a 2 year suspension order for a solicitor who fell short of the required standards of integrity, probity an trustworthiness, but fell short of dishonesty.

In an illuminating judgment, Mostyn J reassured practitioners with the following assurance,

Therefore an SDT will not shut its ears to all mitigation, or follow a modern day Black Act approach. There is still scope for mercy to drop as the gentle rain from heaven and for it to season justice.√جª¬ø’

He went on to say that in his opinion a suspension for as long as two years is an extremely severe sanction. A suspension of that length would only be appropriate where the facts were close to warranting an order striking the solicitor off.√جª¬ø

The Judge found that on the facts of this case, the suspension order was clearly excessive and inappropriate as the penatly was not ‘close to striking off’. He then declined to order any costs as the case is to be likened to a draw!  Great stuff from a modern Judge…

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