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Jeremy Barnett leads the way in blockchain for construction and algorithmic trading

For 18 months, Jeremy Barnett has been working with Professors Philip Treleaven and Alan Penn at UCL, to develop research into the use of blockchain in conjunction with other emerging technologies. Jeremy was previously visiting professor of Law Informatics at Leeds University where he developed expertise in Online Dispute Resolution arising out of complex global disputes.

UCl has now formed the Construction Blockchain Consortium [CBC] to support knowledge transfer, arrange commercial and academic presentation, assess and test commercial services and technology, conduct research, and drive policy, regulation and understanding of the radical consequences of technology and services. Jeremy, together with Professors Treleaven and Penn, will be appointed Directors of the CBC.

The Consortium has the support of a number of global architects, developers, contractors, consultancies, software developers, insurers, law firms as well as government and trade bodies. The CBC specialises in the disruptive effect of Blockchain and the interface with other emerging technologies such as BIM [Building Information Modelling], AI [Artificial Intelligence] and IoT [Internet of Things].

Jeremy is also working with Professor Treleaven on the Law of Algorithms, in particular in Algorithmic Dispute Resolution, where computer programs are designed to resolve contractual disputes that arise in automated trading and other complex disputes such as construction contracts.

On 9th October 2017 Jeremy is conducting a seminar at the Systemeic Risk Centre at LSE where he will discuss the governance and regulation of algorithms and the potential use of this technology to resolve complex disputes.√جª¬ø√جª¬ø√جª¬ø

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