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Jeremy Barnett to give evidence to House of Lords Select Committee on AI

Following his sessions moderating at the Barcelona Blockchain Forum and at the LSE Systemic Risk Centre, Jeremy has been invited to give evidence before the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Evidence on Tuesday 17th October.

Its been a busy week for Jeremy Barnett at the ‘coal face’ of innovation around Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Today it was announced that he is has been invited to give evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence next week, following the publication of his joint paper ‘Algorithms and the Law’ with Philip Treleaven and Adriano Koshiyama in Legal Futures on 22nd August.

The paper considered the advances in machine learning, and whether or not there should be an enhanced regime of regulation to combat the effects of ‘rogue algorithms’ in the financial sector and other industries where automation is gaining a foothold. The paper raised a contraversial proposal to give Algorithms legal personality so that these computer programs will be subject to the law and due process, together with those who design, manage and operate the programs.

Jeremy was then invited to give a lecture at the LSE Systemic Risk Centre on 9th October, where he went into detail about the law, issues and objectives of such regulation. The slides from his lecture are available by clicking here.

Together with colleagues from the CBC – the Construction Blockchain Consortium at UCL Jeremy attended at the Barcelona Blockchain Solutions Forum which was part of the Internet of Things forum that attracted over 14,000 people for three days. The CBC team conducted 

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