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Jeremy Barnett and Alex Carter-Silk specialise in Crypto Advice

Jeremy Barnett has joined forces with soliitor Alex Carter-Silk to specialse in regulatory and crimanal legal advice on crytpro currency issues.

Jeremy and Andrew are currently advising an overseas crypto exchange on UK regulatory and criminal law and practice. The areas that they are covering include:

  • Financial Services and Markets Act 200
  • Regulated Activities Order
  • E Money Regulation/Payment Services Regulations
  • The Concept of doing business in the UK
  • Anti Money Laundering, POCA and the Terrorism Act 2000

as well as other general considerations including Jurisdiction of the UK courts and the concept of the predicate offence in money laundering.

They have also been asked by another client to consider the law, regulation and technology issues around ransomware and other and other malicious software.

In 2018, Alex and Jeremy collaborated with others to conduct a meetup at Rocketspace in Islington to look at the law and regulation around the issue of tokens called ‘a bad day on the blockchain’. A senario was invented where some entrepeneurs invented a new service to walk someone’s dog supervised by drone technology, using AI and other emerging technology and a token offer which was proposing to raise development funds by an ICO – Initial Coin Offering. 

The panel concluded that such a course might incur the wrath of a number of regulators including the SEC, FCA, SFO, Inland Revenue, Trading Standards, ICO to name a few! It was however a very entertaining evening which teased out a number of key legal issues for those in the audience who had left the obtaining of legal advice to others in their team. 

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