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Eco Connect Forum ‘ Making The Green Deal Work in Yorkshire’

A large audience braved the cold weather on 15th January at the offices of Walker Morris in Leeds to join an expert panel who explained how the Green Deal will work, with a particular emphasis on the approach to implementation in the Yorkshire and Humberside area. Moderated by Jeremy Barnett a Barrister from St Pauls Chambers in Leeds, the high powered panel gave an authoritative explanation of the detail of the new scheme and then joined in with a frank and at times challenging debate about the real chance of success for the local green economy.



Andy Deacon, Director of Delivery from the Energy Saving Trust began with an outline of what the Green deal involves.  

The starting point is the website at which is a complete guide to the scheme and an excellent starting point for companies, suppliers and potential clients who wish to understand the precise nature of the scheme


Andy explained that the EST helpline currently handles approximately 10,000 calls per month with enquires about all range of subjects including double glazing, affordable warmth, boilers  FIT renewable heat etc. The EST  works with the supply chain, training installers. helping small businesse,  supporting local authorities  and the DEC £10m Leaf programme.

He explained that the Government  are backing multiple horses – press release from DEC £40m through fuel poverty, 60 local authorities working on pilots in addition to £12m to the core cities. The recent Cashback incentive scheme has been launched whereby householders are entitled to a cash back offer of up to £1000 for various types of installation.

The ‘go live switch on day’ us 28th January 2013.  This is a first come first served scheme, but we still don’t have a number on the interest rate for the finance co or information on ‘greener mortgages’ which are a key piece of the jigsaw. A creative agency has been instructed to do a campaign for DEC to raise public awareness about the scheme√جª¬ø.

.Helen Jaggar, the Chief Executive of Bernslai Homes explained how they are managing 19,000 properties in South Yorkshire. They have a thee fold approach to reducing carbon emissions


·               Well insulated, walls, windows

·        Gas to new forms of heating – aspirational target by 2015 new boilers should be renewable ( no gas boilers) biomas – ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps installation

  •       Looking at solar pvs  300 fittied. at the high tarrif.

An important questions are, does it work for the tenant and does it work for the property owner?  Their approach to business development  is provide an  installation route through a consortium approach  ie by a procurement framework and are working with Barnsley and City Council and the Barnsley College.

Helen explained that they have won a bid for community energy switching which has to be spent within three months. This will help people on pre-payment who pay more. Her conclusion is ‘that this is marathon not a sprint’ and take up will increase as pressure comes with fuel bills going up√جª¬ø.



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