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Short sentence for ILA fraud

On Monday 18th July, James Morsley appeared at the Teeside Crown Court before Mr
Recorder Dobbin and was sentenced to his part in a multi million pound fraud.
The case was the last in the series of ILA cases, where false claims had been not been delivered.

James Morsley had earlier pleaded guilty to one payment of £266,000 of money
for the company ‘Metamorphosis’ that had received approximately £10m 
from the Government in 2001.Mr Morsley had been charged with an offence
of conspiracy to defraud over £750,000.

that had gone through his company Camelot, was of good character and had substantial

personal mitigation, Mr Morsley was sentenced to an immediate sentence of 12 months custody.

Although he had agreed to pay back the money.


In 2008 Jeremy represented Peter Kenyon who was cleared after a 5 month trial
for his role in the collapse of a Teeside distance learning company NDLC.
His co director Michael Smallman was sentenced to 7 years.

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